Do you have friends coming round and would like to serve mulled wine but don’t have time to infuse the spices for hours… Or it is a really miserable night outside and you are snuggled up in front of the fire and really fancy a delicious warm spiced drink?  Look no further, here is a really simple mulled wine recipe, just reach for your bottle of Gullane Glögg and you can rustle up yourself some mulled wine in a matter of minutes!

All you need is:-

Red Wine (you can use non-alcoholic wine too and it is just as tasty!)

Gullane Glögg (I would recommend 1 part of Gullane Glögg; 3 parts red wine)

A saucepan

  1. Add red wine (1 bottle for example) to pan
  2. Add Gullane Glögg (if using a full bottle of wine, use about 25cl of Gullane Glögg)
  3. Heat (you could also do it in the microwave if doing just 1 cup for ease but just be careful as it does tend to boil up very quickly!)
  4. Serve!

It really is that simple 🙂

**Everyone has different tastes so the amounts I have indicated for this mulled wine recipe are really just suggestions, if you prefer it sweeter, use more Gullane Glögg, if you prefer it less sweet use less!**

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Gullane Glögg Mulled Wine Mix and two glasses of mulled wine in front of fire