Winter Whisky Barrel Hoop Wreath Making Kit



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I am so pleased to have joined up with another local company, Whisky Frames, from just outside Edinburgh. Whisky Frames are lovingly hand crafted picture frames made from retired Scotch Whisky barrels. Each frame is one of a kind carefully repurposed by their small team of skilled woodworkers in their workshop .

For the winter season they have introduced these brilliant Whisky Barrel Hoop Wreath Making Kits!

Get together with a small group or get into the Christmas/winter spirit yourself or via Zoom with our Whisky Barrel Hoop Wreath Making Kit!

Each kit will contain:

– 35cm Rustic barrel hoop

– Preserved Eucalyptus in Red and Green

– Faux snowy branches and berry stems

– Wire

– Florist tape

–  Burlap Ribbon for the bow and to hang with.

– Use our enclosed instructions or go off-piste with your own creation!

You can order these direct from me and they will be shipped from Whisky Frames workshop, you can order either a single one or 2 or 3 if you are going to meet up with some friends to make these.



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