A very belated Thank You all so much…

I really can’t believe it is now March, what has happened to January and February – oh yes, lockdown happened again… But we have managed and only another week and a half and the children will be back to school and a semblance of normality will return, we had some great snow during half term which really helped relieve the monotony of lockdown life and I have been sea swimming which has really helped the soul!

Thank You
My main reason for posting now though is to thank everyone so so much for all the support I had in the run up to Christmas; It really took me by surprise as there weren’t any live markets so I wasn’t really expecting many orders during the season (and therefore didn’t make my usual 30ish batches by the middle of November – I only did about 8! So I was really been chasing my tail for the second half of November and all of December!)

The beautiful mermaid flasket was added to my inventory which has also sold so well, Mo and I thank you very much for buying so many of these beauties 🙂 They are perfect for keeping your mulled wine hot, and will also be handy if we ever get to summer to keep your Gullane Ripple cold!

You may or may not know but all of my products are handmade in my kitchen at home without any special equipment so it really is a labour of love, every single bottle is hand poured and hand sealed & labelled by me, myself and I!

If you want some nerdy facts and figures here goes:- in the last few months of 2020, from the beginning of September I made 31 batches of Gullane Glögg, which made 528.25 litres; which made 681 x 25cl bottles and 756 x 50cl bottles; which all sold in 232 online orders and 58 orders from stockists; which means the couriers have collected 225 orders from my house and delivered them all over the country from Burra to Ireland and even down to Devon… 🥵🥵🥵

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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