Gullane Glögg Recipe Ideas

Customers frequently ask me what else can be done with Gullane Glögg? Do I have any recipe ideas?

In addition to the two suggested ways of serving Gullane Glögg mentioned on the bottle; mixing with red wine for mulled wine and with sparkling wine for winter fizz, here are a few other Gullane Glögg recipe ideas that I'd like to share with you!

Winter trifle - at Christmas last year I added Gullane Glögg to the fruit layer of the trifle to spice it up a bit!

Cheesecake - my brother-in-law added Gullane Glögg to fruit to make a delicious wintery compote to top a vanilla cheesecake.

Latte - Try adding Gullane Glögg to a latte for a spiced coffee treat! Reminiscent of a Gingerbread latte…

If you have experimented successfully with Gullane Glögg please let me know on and I will share with everyone here!

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p.s. Did you know that Glögg is the Swedish word for mulled wine? Mulled wine is enjoyed across the world and is known by lots of different names including glühwein (Germany), gløgg (Norway and Denmark) and vin chaud (France). Learn more about the history of mulled wine.

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